the finish line

i didn’t think i would be nervous about the 5k, especially since i wasn’t looking forward to running the race. but for some strange reason, i woke up at 4 am. of course, once my cat noticed that i was awake, she didn’t want me to go back to sleep. charlotte relentlessly pestered me until i finally dragged myself out of bed at 7. so i was somewhat tired.

the meet was at the park where i normally train, so at least i would be on familiar ground. but i began to get wary when the course was outlined. normally i take the trail downhill, but the race route went in the opposite way, meaning i was going to have to struggle up the slopes. it also seemed a little long, but i had a gps in my pocket, so i would still know when i hit 5k.

as i’ve said, i can only run for about 3k before my knees ache and my calves almost atrophy. i employed my method of walking 2 minutes, then jogging for 3, repeatedly. coach julia was right, i didn’t have any issues, but it wasn’t easy.

well before the end of the course, my gps began beeping. i had done 5k! unfortunately, it was still another kilometer until the finish line. i slowed down to catch my breath and walked through the next interval. as i crested the last hill, i thought what the hell, and ran it all the way in. the route was eventually measured at 6.16k.

it felt good to cross that finish line. this time when i thought, “i don’t ever want to do this again,” it felt good to know that i actually didn’t have to.

in the end, i can’t continuously run for 5k, but i can continuously run for over a mile. i’m sure that’s far enough to outrun a zombie. i might not be a “real” runner, but i would survive the apocalypse with my brain intact. and that’s what really matters.


One response to “the finish line

  1. A reason to feel proud… and a reason to celebrate!

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