striding spouse

this week kicked my ass, literally. my gluteous maximus muscles are so sore!

my husband came with me for the first time. it was hilarious watching him attempt the arm swings and side skips, but running together was actually kind of difficult. his footfalls are heavier than mine, so it was hard for me to hear and set my own pace. his legs are also a lot longer so he felt strange taking shorter strides.

i have to admit, i was secretly satisfied to see him huffing and puffing at the end, especially because he’s substantially more fit than me. i guess the last kilometer was a little too much because he had aching calves for the next couple of days.

although jeremy was aware that i’ve been training hard, i think he had a new appreciation for my endeavor after enduring it himself. he told me how impressed and proud he was of me for going the distance, both in terms of my mileage and continued commitment. i’m so fortunate to have such a supportive spouse.


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