done with the runs

i finished all the workouts!

i’m so proud of myself for sticking to the schedule. i went out there every single time, whether i wanted to or not. i can now check that off of my tangible goal list.

today i realized that my running capacity is approximately 3k. i know i should be running 4k by now, but i just haven’t been able to increase my stamina. i didn’t really expect to be able to run the full 5k, but knowing my limitations makes me a bit nervous about attempting it. i’m not up for a “real” race. i want to complete, not compete, so i’m going to an informal meet instead.

i still wasn’t sure how to tackle the race. should i run for 1k then walk for 1k, or run for 2 then walk for 1? i asked our coach, the incomparable julia jones, and she suggested something else altogether: walk for 2 minutes, then run for 3. rinse and repeat. i didn’t even think of that!

technically, it’s not cheating. some runners use this method for entire marathons. julia said i should have no problem… and you know what, i believe her. i may not be looking forward to the 5k, but i am looking forward to checking off the rest off of my tangible goals!


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