almost over

i still haven’t hit my stride and i think it’s time to admit: running just isn’t my thing.

instead of feeling rewarding, it feels like punishment. i mean, exercise has never really been pleasurable, but this is practically painful. i’ve been waiting and wanting to feel that runner’s high, to actually enjoy the physical experience, but i haven’t. i don’t think i ever will. and that’s okay.

i’ve already gotten a lot out of up and running, even if i haven’t developed a lifelong love. i may not want to run, but at least now i know i can if i need to. in fact, i can run over a mile, and i could never do that before. i bet i could even outrun a zombie.

this experience has been a grand experiment. it’s helped me to see what feels better, what feels worse. it’s taken me out of my comfort zone, pushed me, shown me new ways to do things. it’s been helpful to follow a program, to play by someone else’s rules for a while.

for the most part, i feel like i’ve accomplished what i set out to do. i’ve kept my commitment to doing each and every workout and haven’t given up, no matter how much i wanted to. i’m going to see this thing through, but when it’s over, that’s it.


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