setting the pace

okay, i’ve finally had an epiphany. nothing profound or life-changing, but something important about my running. this is what it was… i didn’t pace myself.

now, i thought i was already jogging slowly. i certainly wasn’t sprinting, but when i did the tenth training session, i realized that my “slow run” from the second set of intervals was *a lot* slower than my regular run. i also realized that i was able to regulate my breath better, which has always been my biggest issue. so i decided to jog the mile at that pace and see if it made a difference. it did, a big one.

not only was i able to run the entire distance without feeling like i was going to die at the end, i could have kept going! even after weeks of participating in this program, i still didn’t think there was any way i would be able to jog for 5 full kilometers. for the first time, i believe i might. i just need to set the right pace. slow and steady may not win the race, but at least it will allow me to finish!


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