passing through week three

after a rotten seventh run, i put extra energy and effort into my eighth. i was shocked to see that according to the runkeeper app, my pace was even slower! “this does not make sense,” i thought. “last time i walked for long stretches and today i ran almost the whole way… how could my times be slower?”
i recalculated the numbers in my mind and they just didn’t add up. what if runkeeper isn’t accurate? what if my pace doesn’t equal my time?

i wore my trusty stopwatch for the ninth session. i used runkeeper to determine my distance and the watch’s chronograph to tell my time. i pushed myself to jog the entire first km so i could compare it to my previous minutes. and even though runkeeper recorded my pace as 8:41, my actual time was 6:32! it was so satisfying to see that i hadn’t taken two steps back, literally!

jogging the first kilometer winded me, so i had to walk portions of the second. i seem to expend my energy pretty quickly and i’m not sure how to conserve it. i think my pace is pretty slow, so i don’t know if i could take it down a notch. i definitely use the full recovery period in between intervals, so it will be interesting to see how i handle next week’s training plan where i have to run a mile all at once.

as an aside… there was a bake sale at my workout park this weekend, and these women set up their table full of tempting treats on the side of the track! not near the soccer fields where kids play games, not in the picnic area where families enjoy lunch, but at the edge of the one mile loop, where walkers and joggers sweat for their health. i had to listen to ladies bellowing as i ambled by, “we’ve got chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes, fudge bars and brownies!” i couldn’t help but feel like i was being tested. at least i passed!


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