halfway to 5k

for the first time in my life, i’m able to run a mile without stopping.
this is something i never thought i would be able to do, and it gives me the most incredible sense of accomplishment.
i’m so proud of myself for making it mid-program without missing a workout!

the rest of week four went well. i haven’t had any additional epiphanies, but i thought i’d share a memorable moment…
i noticed the little boys playing the “paw patch” as i wound my slow and steady way around the one mile loop. when i passed the dog park again during my cool down, they were standing on a boulder at the side of the path.

“we saw you go by two times,” said one.
“that right,” i replied. ” i was running.”
“we saw you doing this!” said the other, wildly windmilling his limbs.
it seems like those silly arm swings make more of an impression than my plodding pace!


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