great expectations

i came into this program not knowing what to expect, but having high expectations of myself. right now, instead of feeling empowerment and pride, i’m feeling a little disappointed. because i’m not meeting those expectations, i worry about being less capable than i thought. this running roller coaster has a lot of highs and lows. unless i get off the ride, i’m going to continue having both good days and bad.

i had a bad day on my seventh session. i *finally* got an iphone and bought one of those belkin arm bands to go with it. i have more than ample arms, so i didn’t think there would be any issue with it slipping off. apparently it doesn’t matter how big your arms are because nothing i did could keep it from sliding down to my elbow. after several unsuccessful attempts to secure the band, i finally just held it in my hand.

i downloaded the runkeeper app on my fancy new phone, but i couldn’t hear the audio cues (i had the volume turned down, duh) so i ended up doing the warm-up three times (although i only did the arm swings once, snicker). i had no problems skipping, but after the intervals, i just couldn’t run. for the first time, i wasn’t able to jog a km. and i couldn’t take brief breaks either, i had to walk for long stretches. my times were over a minute higher than they had ever been.

even though it seems like i’m regressing instead of progressing, i’m going to let this stop me, i’m still going to get out there and try. i haven’t missed a workout yet and i want to keep that gold star streak!


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