fourth run, no fun

i have to be honest, i’m not really relishing running. for me, these workouts still feel like work! i don’t think i’ll ever be one of those people who genuinely enjoys exercise. i just do it because i know it has to be done.

i finished my fourth run, and although it’s been tough, i’ve managed to jog the entire kilomter each time. i thought it would get a little easier, but for some reason, this round felt much more difficult. i’m not sure if it was because we ran 30 second intervals instead of ten or that there wasn’t the 1k walking time to recover between bouts. it might be because the weather was was a bit warm and i jogged in the mid-day sun.

whatever it was, i struggled with not stopping and walking when i wanted to. we’re supposed to take advantage of the free form and listen to our bodies, but how do i know when my body actually needs to stop versus when it just wants to? i worry that i won’t push myself to do what i’m capable of. i mean, if i did it before, i should be able to do it again, right? or is it possible that our bodies are less capable on different days?


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