second rate

so i finally figured out how to use mapmyrun (i’m a bit of a technotard). i plotted the path from my first run and was excited to see that my calculations had been relatively correct, 1200 steps was between 0.5 and 0.55 miles. i felt justified for being proud about running the whole way.

unfortunately, when i mapped my second run, i came up short. super short. only 0.45 miles short.

i knew something was wrong as soon as i saw my walking time. it was 3 minutes less. i felt like i had improved, but not that much! i wasn’t sure what to do. either the pedometer or my math was off because it said that i had completed 1200 steps. should i keep walking for another 3 minutes? i would have no idea how far i’d gone. i decided to just run the same distance back. i was disappointed to discover that i hadn’t gone nearly far enough. sigh.

going into my second run i had this fear that i wouldn’t be able to do half a mile again, that i had some sort of beginner’ luck the first time. and actually, because i misjudged my distance, i wasn’t able to run the half mile. in fact, i ended up running 2 minutes less.

i can’t change the past, but i can plan for the future. i used mapmyrun to figure out exactly how far 0.6 miles was from 2 different starting points in the park. now that i know where to go, i’m challenging myself to get there. i need to realize it wasn’t luck that got me there before, it was determination… and i’m determined to get there again!


2 responses to “second rate

  1. Great stuff! I really love your attitude to your training, not letting technical annoyances get to you. You’ll go far, baby! 🙂

  2. determination! great post – this is the kind of thinking that will get you to the finish line 🙂

    have you tried runkeeper? it’s similar to mapmyrun but you can program it to cue you throughout your run for your intervals. i had the same issue with miscalculating my distances and then on run #3 i used the cuing function and it took all the guesswork away.

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