Monthly Archives: February 2011

through sickness

my mother’s wedding ring
slipped off
fell to the floor.

she had shrunk
while the tumor grew,
her distended abdomen
appeared almost pregnant,
but skeletal limbs
jaundiced skin
revealed her true condition.

she was forty-four,
her hands
were those of an eighty year old.

by the time she passed away,
the ring had been taken in
so small
it would only fit my pinky.

i kept it
in a plastic bag with her pearls,
beneath a stack of socks.
sometimes I dug it out
threw prisms on the wall,
but never wore it.

he couldn’t afford a ring
when we got engaged.
i went a year
considering the one
in my sock drawer, lying
there, waiting
to be worn.

i didn’t want to wear
the promise she made
through sickness
until death.
i had to make my own.

the stone
from my mother’s wedding ring
sparkled in the new setting,
catching the candlelight,
as he ceremoniously
slipped it onto my finger.

she didn’t live
to see this day,
but she was there.