new name

-let’s meet again, for the first time. if you could introduce yourself to strangers by another name for just one day, what would it be and why?-

a return to reverb 10. after giving myself permission to participate imperfectly, i practically stopped participating. i’m picking it back up with a real time response. i’ve skipped almost a dozen prompts, but i can always revisit them in january, since the new year is also an important time to reflect and manifest. some of them aren’t as inspiring to me anyhow and i don’t want to dwell on irrelevant issues. besides, it’s my blog, i can reverberate whatever way i want to.

as for introducing myself, i am who i am, and i couldn’t possibly be anyone else.

i identify with my first name. nicole is derived from the greek “nikolaos” and means victory of the people. i have long considered myself one of the masses, the working class, the proletariat. fortunately, i’ve often been victorious, both personally and publicly with peers. i think this is due to my tenacity and powers of persuasion.

i inherited my middle name. my maternal grandmother is a first generation immigrant from the former yugoslavia. similar to most serbs, she was only given a first name, anne. she passed this on to her daughter, carolyn ann, who passed it on to me. if i ever have a girl, her middle name will be anne as well.

my maiden name is derived from the french “l’ile” which translates to the island. liles literally means dweller on the isle. my paternal grandmother had a french maiden name too, “lacroix” or the cross, referring to someone who either lived at a crossroads or carried a processional cross. many members of my father’s family have had their own crosses to bear.

i married a man of scandinavian descent and our last name is almost always mispronounced. evje (ev-yeh) is a little village in the setesdal valley of norway. my husband’s great-grandfather was a famous composer in that country and even has his own street in the capital of oslo.

so what is in a name? is it simply etymology and genealogy, or is it something more? when i introduce myself, do you form your opinion on what you hear or what you see? i’m not sure it matters what my name is… it just matters that i’m me.


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