five minutes

-imagine you will completely lose your memory of 2010 in five minutes. set an alarm and capture the things you most want to remember.-

it’s like a moment from the movie memento… ready, set, go!

the mixture of relief, triumph and fear that i felt walking away from where i worked for over a decade. spending our anniversary in pacific grove; strolling on the sand, smelling the surf and seeing the monarch butterfly migration. getting behind-the-sea-turtles-scene at the monterey bay aquarium. baking a star wars cake for my nephew’s fourth birthday and the disneyland trip we took to celebrate it. turning thirty-six in santa cruz. riding the big dipper on the boardwalk. boarding the historic roaring camp railroad and taking the train into the redwoods. going whale watching, spotting several species and wretchedly retching over the side of the boat. having red hair. having pink hair. fasting for fifteen weeks. changing my body and my mind with medical weight management. taking the alcatraz night tour and experiencing intense negative energy in cell block d. engaging in more “active” halloween activities; going on ghost walks and taking cemetary tours. descending into the earth underground old town and in the black diamond mines. walking and talking with my dad, hearing dreams he had about my mom. carrying on family tradition by cutting our own christmas tree and decorating it seventies style. wearing a smaller-sized, form-fitting dress to my best friend’s art show opening. feeling proud of both him and me for all that we’ve accomplished.


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