-what was the wisest decision you made this year, and how did it play out?-

i’m making a wise decision right now. i’m trying to change my all-or-nothing thinking. to paraphrase a reverb10 tweeter, i will allow myself to participate imperfectly. i’m skipping the “beautifully different” and “party” prompts. because we’re all beautifully different, just as much as we’re grotesquely the same. and i didn’t go to any sock rocking social gatherings. one of the reasons why i was such a party pooper has to do with the wisest decision i made this year.

i was unhealthy, which made me unhappy. i was overweight and my diabetes was out of control. my stylist had been super successful on a medical weight management program. i learned all about her experience while she applied my atomic pink hair dye. i went home, did some research, attended orientation and evaluated my options. desperate times call for drastic measures. and even though it wasn’t covered by my insurance, i made the commitment… emotionally, physically and financially.

how did it play out? after an intensive 15 week fast, i’m tentatively transitioning back to a balanced diet. i’m 65 pounds lighter and 21 inches smaller. i’m healthier, which makes me happier. i still have a little left to lose, but my diabetes in completely under control and i’m off all those meds. now i need to continue making wise decisions, get to my goal and maintain my weight loss. it’s not going to be easy, by hopefully i’m past the hardest part.


One response to “wisdom

  1. It took a lot of determination and strength to complete the program. You should be so proud of yourself for following through with your commitment. I am hoping the road ahead will bring you even more happiness. You are inspirational and mean the world to me, my dear friend.

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