-how did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year?-

i’m wondering…

i didn’t visit the seven wonders of the world or ride the wonder wheel. i didn’t wear a wonderbra or eat wonderbread. i didn’t listen to stevie wonder, louis armstrong’s wonderful world or john mayer’s your body is a wonderland. i did heard oasis’ wonderwall a few times. i also watched wonder pets while while watching my wily nephew. i didn’t catch any reruns of wonder woman, the wonder years or small wonder. i didn’t see some kind of wonderful either, although it’s one of my all time favorite john hughes’ films. i saw tim burton’s alice in wonderland, but i found i prefer the book or cartoon classic. i haven’t even been inundated with it’s a wonderful life and walking in a winter wonderland this holiday season.

wow, with all of the wonderful things i didn’t do this year, it’s a wonder i experienced any wonder at all!


One response to “wonder

  1. Clever! I love alliteration, also but generally the “sounds alike” variety. Like reveling in the reverberation revelations. You know something like that. I do love Reverb10 for sure!

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