-pick one moment during which you felt most alive this year. describe it in vivid detail.-

i’ve felt dead for most of the year, left out of life. i was cut off from the camaraderie of my coworkers when i was no longer working. while on an intense medical fast i was deprived of simple pleasures, like tasting food, making it impossible to enjoy lunch dates, dinner parties and celebratory cakes. i did not have an exhilarating existence; much of the time i was just going through the motions.

but then the seasons started to change. summer turned to fall with the chill of winter creeping in. having lost a lot of my insulation, i began to feel it in my body. that’s how it was that cold, bright morning. we were taking a trip to the organic tree farm, our annual family tradition. as i emerged from the vehicle, i felt the frosty air enter my lungs. boots left their imprint in the soft soil, muddy from yesterday’s rain. all around was a fresh pine scent and firs as far as the eye could see. we made our way down the gravel road, crushed rocks crunching under our feet. my four year old nephew ran ahead. i could hear him calling to us. we followed him into a grove of grands where he eagerly examined the trunks he longed to log. i descended the steep, slippery slope and told myself to focus on my footing. just as i was contemplating my fear of falling, it happened. in a mini mudslide, the ground at my feet gave way. my ass made quick contact with the earth. i sat there stunned. then i took inventory. my bum may be bruised, but i had no broken bones. my husband helped me up. i stood for a moment, still shocked that i had actually taken a tumble… feeling wet, feeling wounded and feeling absolutely alive.


One response to “moment

  1. I swear I could smell the firs as I read this (or is that the tree downstairs).

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