-what do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your writing and can you eliminate it?-

i think negative thoughts. i fear that i have nothing interesting to say, or that when i do, i won’t be able to say it well. i judge not only the words i have written, but my capacity and capability for being a writer.

it’s why i could never keep a journal. i was too critical of each day’s entry. before digital diaries, when consciousness streamed into composition notebooks, i hated the way my handwriting seemed to slant. i didn’t like how i had phrased this or stated that. i obsessed over misspellings (and still do).

can our inner censor ever be eliminated? no. but we can learn that we don’t always have to listen to ourselves.


2 responses to “writing

  1. I still stream consciousness into composition books. Mead marble covers, baby!

  2. The more I listen to myself, the less my handwriting slants to the right. Unfortunately, my writing sucks at all angles.

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